Why Pick A Possum?

Picking a play couch?

We know that there are other play couches out there and choosing one can be a big investment for your home. It can be overwhelming to weigh up the options, so to make things a little easier we've detailed below what makes The Possum special.

See why more Australian and New Zealand families have chosen Possum Play than any other play couch out there

The Possum Difference

The only play couch that meets international quality ratings on all 3 material components

The Possum is the only play couch on the market that meets internationally recognised quality standards for all three material components: CertiPUR-US® certified foam, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified fabric, and YKK® zips. These are the gold standard in international children's furniture products meaning your Possum Play Couch is the best quality available. The Possum is also tested to meet all Australian Fire and Safety standards, and Toy Safety Standards

Why this matters?

You can be confident when you buy The Possum that it is the highest quality play couch on the market: the safest and most durable product for your family.

Bigger bases, sewn together

Extensive product testing helped us realise that sewn together bases (vs those that zip apart) make for much stronger builds. Size matters too! Many competitors have smaller base cushions than The Possum - many measure only 160cm wide, vs The Possum's 168cm - if your play couch is doing time as a spare bed or you want it to be suitable as your kids grow older, you'll notice the size difference!

Why this matters

If you have kids older than toddler years or are investing in a play couch for the long run, you'll want larger bases and stronger builds

Colours for you, fabric for kids

We're not joking when we say we've reviewed thousands of fabriccolour swatches, and agonised over 28 potential Sage Greens (who knew that was possible?!). The result? A colour pallete we believe is second to none; colours that are fun but functional and will perfectly match your decor.

Our vegan microsuede fabric has been just as carefully chosen. As well as being OEKO-TEX® certified, it's the perfect mix of soft-to-the touch but also hugely durable and stain resistant. Other brands use upholstery fabric, which can look great but is a bad match for kids who want to use their play couch for sliding and rolling on.

Why this matters?

You want your play couch to look great, but also be made of fabric designed for play. The Possum does both!

The highest density foam

The Possum is the highest density foam play couch on the market, as well as meeting the important CertiPUR-US® certification standard. Some competitors use lower density, lower quality foam without the CertiPUR-US® certification (eg. meets only GECA standard), that is less able to stand up to the rigours of extensive use and may misshape over time. For example, if a play couch is unable to be compressed for transport it's a likely sign the foam density is on the lower side and compression would damage the foam structure. Unfortunately if a play couch's foam would be damaged by compression, it is probably not going to stand up to years of use by your kids!

Why this matters

The Possum's high density foam means your play couch can be used for years while holding it's shape, making it an investment for the long term.

Handy handles to make moving easier

The details matter, and handles on your play couch are one that need a mention! The Possum bases and add-on pieces all come with handles designed for little hands, to help your kids manouver, drag, and build with. If you ever need to pick up The Possum too, you'll be glad they're there! Handles help your kids build fine and gross motor skills, and without them you've got slim chances at independent play.

Why this matters?

Handles make manourving and building hugely easier for little hands (and big ones too!)

Add-on shapes to let you build your play setup over time

With Possum you can build out your play setup over time. If you don't need armrets right now, add them later, if you find our kids love sliding down The Possum bases, look at adding a Wedge Set. We have carefully tested each add-on to build out the most fun collection of play couch shapes on the market. We let you customise your play setup and build as you go.

Why this matters

The Possum gives you lots of options to build out your play couch setup over time, but let's you choose what to add and when.

The most loved play couch in Australia & New Zealand

Don't just take our word for it... more families have chosen The Possum than any other play couch on the market. Since launching in 2021 we're now in over 20,000 homes and counting. With thousands of 5-star reviews, we' couldn't be more proud of the joy we're bringing into Australia and New Zealand homes, and hope you'll be part of the Possum family!

Questions? We've got answers

What is CertiPUR-US® foam and why does it matter?

  • CertiPUR-US® developed a foam certification program in 2008 to ensure consumers have a way of knowing what’s in the foam of their upholstered furniture and mattresses. CertiPUR-US® certified foams independetly tested and confirmed to be made without formaldehyde, ozone depleters, heavy metals and flame retardants (PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP), and promote indoor air quality through low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
  • The CertiPUR-US® certification is the international gold standard ensuring safe production of foam products. With it, you can be assured your products are free of nasty chemicals and safe for the most precious members of your family to play and relax on.

What is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and why does it matter?

  • The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification independly tests and confirms that every single element of our product has been tested for harmful substances and is free from any toxic chemicals. The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification gives you assurance that the fabric and mateirals are made free of any substances that may be harmful to human health.

What are YKK® Zippers and why do they matter?

    • YKK® Zippers are widely regarded as the highest quality zippers available when tested for use and durability. The Possum's covers also come with thoughtfully designed 'zipper garages' so that when not in use, zips are tucked away to protect from scratches and snags and kept away from little fingers.

Do you have a warranty?

Absolutely. We provide a one-year warranty, and you are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure, or to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality. If you have a problem with your Possum Play Couch please contact us on hello@possumplay.com.au. Please note that these guarantees cover physical flaws and manufacturing defects, but do not cover normal wear and tear or damages caused by alterations and improper use.

Does foam compression matter?

The Possum is made from very high density foam, which means it can be compressed for transport and bounce back to shape afterwards with absolutely no damage to the cell structure of the foam!

Some competitiors use foam that is not high enough quality to be compressed and that would be damaged in the compression process. Unfortunately if a play couch foam would be damaged by compression, it is not going to stand up to years of use by your kids!

On the contrary, compressing our foam means not only that it's high enough density to withstand compression, but also that we lower our carbon footprint for delivery, and you family gets an epic unboxing experience when The Possum springs to life out of the box. In our minds, compression is a big win!

Is The Possum bigger than other play couches?

Yes! It can be hard to tell when you're just looking at a photo online, but make sure you check your play couch dimensions (you can find the dimensions of all our items on their product pages). Many competitors have smaller base cushions than The Possum - often measuring only 160cm wide, vs The Possum's 168cm. If you want to use your play couch for bigger builds like forts and dens, as a spare bed, or for older kids, you'll notice the size difference!


Based on 1019 reviews
Wedge Set
Rosemary F.
Possum play couch

Grandchildren have had great fun with this well worth the money


Purchased the pink set for my Granddaughters and they absolutely love it. Easy purchase and fast delivery. 5/5

Good quality, comfortable and fun

Bought for two year old, great to use as cubbies and playing. Comfortable to sit and lie on, feels like really good quality but it is pricey but we shall see how long it last!

Kids love it!

I have a 3 yr old and 1 year old and they play with it everyday! It's been a great purchase and the kids love it!!

Great purchase

Probably my kids favourite toy, great investment

Just fantastic

We bought this for our very active and imaginative three year old and wished we’d done it sooner as her one year old sister is equally as obsessed with it! We’re having so much fun creating obstacle courses and building everything from boats and castle dens to “Ariel’s secret underwater cave” and “sleeping beauty’s bed”. Highly recommend and can’t wait to see them grow with it and start building their own make believe constructions. Can see it being a future staple in movie nights and sleepovers too!!

Best money I’ve spent yet!

Absolutely thrilled with our possum play couch! I purchased this for my daughters first birthday and for a month this has been used all throughout the day, every day, in many different ways. It is perfect for soft play climbing, cubby-housing and cosying up for story time. Also - the sunshine yellow adds such a gorgeous bright energy to our play space. Will be used for years and years to come!

Best fun for our toddler

The Possum Play Couch has been an awesome addition to our toddlers room. We read books on it, have tea parties, build it into a stage and a cubby house. We couldn’t be happier with the versatility between functional couch and play space.

The Possum Play Couch (with Circle Set)

Well worth the money

By far THE BEST THING IVE EVER BOUGHT!!!! My son(2 years ) and daughter(1year) love it. It’s great for everything chillin playing and even sleep overs for their friends and even themselves in each others rooms

High quality, very comfy, lovely material and a nice colour (sunshine yellow). The possum lounge was recommended by friends and we are happy with our investment.

The Possum Mini
Lilian o.
Best purchase!

We bought the mini version as we don't have alot of space and it is just perfect! My one year old loves it so much! Highly recommend!!! The sage colour is beautiful 😍

My 1 year old granddaughter loves this. It’s so much fun to watch her climb and play on it

A brilliant addition!

Purchased for my 4yo birthday. She loves it, as does my one year old. They play with it almost daily - favourite set ups being slide and dens for tea parties. Looks lovely in the room and will definitely add to it in the future.

Worth It

Was tossing up purchasing for a while and once I pulled the trigger I was not disappointed. Endless hours of creativity and we also use it for naps/quiet time throughout the day. Definitely worth the money

Hours of fun

Kids absolutely love thier possum play couch, they use it constantly and it opens up a whole new world of play.

We can’t wait to add the additional pieces to the collection!

Grandson love

Just as it was advertised, grandson loves it. ❤️

Love it! Great for imaginative independent playing

My kids 4 and 2 love it, and I do too! We spend so much time building and hiding in the fort. worth every penny. I picked the sage green colour and looks amazing in my coastal house! It is a place for us to hang out and cuddle too!

Best present I have ever brought

I brought the play couch over a year ago for my 2 toddler sons, they loved it so much, and play with it every day, we have now purchased some of the shapes and jumbo covers to go with it. The possibilities are endless.. We have built dens, and vehicles, soft play obstacle courses and adventure play areas. We have used it as a giant bed for family camp outs in the lounge. Honestly it is worth every penny.

Moon Arch Set
Anna V.
Perfect for kids!

We love our play couch, lots of fun and different creations been enjoyed already. Comfy and lovely fabric. Quick delivery too!


I was worried my kids were too old (4+6) for this. But I bit the bullet and I'm so glad. They've played with it daily for weeks now and I love seeing all the new aspects to what they build. It's absolutely brilliant. So good. Great design and well thought through. Thoroughly enjoying it. And hopefully will for years to come.

Super fun!

The kids love it! Fantastic quality product and keeps the kids entertained for hours along with the rest of the play couch pieces! Would highly recommend!

Very very good fun!

It is very very very good for kids, I like creating things, it is comfy even for my Grandpa. I will play with it for a long time!
Johan age 6

Wedge Set
Alex l.
Great product

Really nice quality and the kids love it!

Great to help imaginative play.

The sofa is great to for imaginative soft play with out little one, and is also really helpful and adaptable furniture for his room. Really happy with the purchase.