The play couch

that transforms into a

Inspiring little

With infinite configurations, The Possum Play Couch inspires hours of screen-free imaginative play

Ready for
rough & tumble

Durable and able to withstand the stresses of kid-life with removable, machine washable covers

Loved by thousands of families

Rated 5-stars, and for a reason: The Possum's versatility makes it a favourite for the whole family

Highest quality

Made with CertiPUR-US® certified foam, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified fabric, and YKK® zips

Calling all indoor adventurers!

It's the open-ended, cushion-stacking, energy-burning, indoor play activity of your childhood
(but with a product that's custom built for it, not the adult couch!)

Kids playing on play couch furniture

Sparking big imaginations
inside little people

Playtime just took on whole new dimensions. Sail the seven seas, do a hot lap of the Grand Prix, conquer the jungle fort, snuggle down in your reading nook, and do it all without leaving the lounge room.

The ultimate in everyday play

The Possum Play Couch is light enough to lift, sturdy enough to climb, and soft enough to snuggle on. We’re ready to be part of your family’s play, every day.

An all-round family favourite

Sure kids love The Possum, but you know who really loves The Possum? Parents. We’re talking serious perks such as space saved by replacing dozens of small toys, and no competition for the adult couch cushions

Toddler on play sofa - Nugget sofa Australia alternative
Best play couch in Australia

An all-round family favourite

Sure kids love The Possum, but you know who really loves The Possum? Parents. We’re talking serious perks such as space saved by replacing dozens of small toys, and no competition for the adult couch cushions

What families are saying

Multiply the fun with shapes

We love the NDIS

We have loved helping eligible Australian families on the NDIS bring a Possum Play Couch into their homes, and can issue NDIS invoices invoices for Self-Managed and Plan-Managed funds.

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Based on 415 reviews
Great Idea

My 6 year old loves to build forts, stages and make her own theatre lounge. Great products

Investment worth while

The Possum Play Couch is an absolute must have! Well designed, good quality product that has sparked endless imaginative play in our household. We would definitely recommend! We look forward to buying the add on pieces for Christmas.

The kids love it

My 3 boys love building forts, cubbies, obstacle courses etc! It's been 1 month but they seem really well made and strong and are already proving to be easily cleaned. Very happy

Best investment I have made for my kids. My 4 year old loves jumping in the couch now we have something that's not as dangerous and he is using his imagination and even playing nicely with his baby sister on it.

Amazing service

I order a play couch for my daughter’s birthday and the post lost it in transit (no fault of possum play) and I emailed them with an immediate response to reorder. This was a Monday and my daughters birthday was Thursday. Possum Play shipped it that day, express for me, and it arrived on my daughters birthday. I could not have asked for better service and my daughter has not stopped playing with it. Thank you so much!

Wedge set

I purchased the wedge set as an attractive ramp for my sausage dog. Much nicer than those actually sold for this purpose! It's perfect for climbing onto the lounge and of course my kids love them too!

Best Play Couch Ever

My grandchildren have endless fun on their new couch, I will be adding more to it soon.

Best investment

Our kids have never been better able to play imaginatively and independently than since we got our Possum Play Couch. Great for boosting gross motor skills, too.

I love the colour, and so I have no problem having it in the corner of our living room when it's not in use.

Bonus: the cushions make our very deep sofas more comfortable for the in-laws! 😂

Pink possum play couch

Amazing? My daughter loves jumping and climbing on her play couch, massive bonus that it also looks super cute in her room. Thank you 💕

Freaking awesome!

Our girls absolutely love this couch! It's easy to clean, versatile and hours of fun!

Best purchase ever!

We are in love with our Possum Play Couch. Our four year old has loved building different creations on a daily basis. On average she plays with it three to four hours a day! It definitely keeps her busy and she can’t wait for her five month old little sister to be big enough to join her with the building.


We absolutely love the possum play couch! Lots of fun building and also napping! Have recommended it to friends. Wish we got it sooner.


My 2 kids (3 & 5) absolutely love this couch. They have made so many things out of it - cubbies, stage, trampolines and floor is pave obstacle course! Not only does it keep them busy, but it saves my couch!! Bestoney I've spent.

Love it!

Super happy we bought these! Kids love them. Only downside is I wish you could buy the set with two of the thicker bases. When laying on them to watch a movie, the thinner one is a bit too thin

The best thing I’ve ever bought

Entertains my children and friends children for hours. Creates a safe space for my 1 year old. Beautiful fabric and colour. Can’t wait to buy more.
Thanks Possum 🤍

Happy kids!

My kids love that they finally have a couch they can jump, flip & roll on, build with, eat and drink on, basically no rules (unlike our lounge suite!) so no nagging mum!! And it is just so comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and versatile to boot!

Great investment

Always wanted one of these but hesitant due to price. Honestly, it's one of the greatest things I've bought for my toddler. Loves rolling around on it, jumping, sliding down! Even for sick days on the couch, she loves snuggling up when we're on there together. So easy to spot clean too. Definitely a winner in our house!

Wished I’d bought one sooner!

We absolutely love our possum play couch my 3 kids use it every day. My only regret is I wished I bought one sooner!

Grandma loves Possum Play Couch

My 1 yr old granddaughter loves the Possum Play couch. The quality is excellent and there are so many ways to set it up. Currently we are using it for as a nook for quiet story time with one upstairs and one downstairs. As she grows I can see cubbies and obstacle courses. I encourage Grandma’s to buy this fabulously versatile product.

Armrest Set
Emma F.
So versatile

We love our possum play couch, it’s used everyday. For climbing, sitting, playing and laying. I love knowing that as our boy grows he will use it in different ways too! The favourite part is the armrest add ons! Perfectly variable for the 16 month old haha

All purpose lounge

We have a weekend camp out in the lounge room, build forts and then it’s the perfect calm down space. The kids take pride in putting it away.

Excellent quality!

We bought the full set and our 7 month old loves learning to crawl on the mats and playing with the shapes. It's easy to wipe down and wash too which is a bonus! We will definitely buy more shapes to add to our set :)

Possum Play Couch

My husband and I ordered the Possum Play Couch for our 2 boys that are on the spectrum and they absolutely love it.
There forever building cubbies, making slides and just overall really enjoying there comfy couch and the feel of the fabric, thank you so much Possum Play.

Armrest Set
Elizabeth J.
No brainer

Wish I’d got one earlier!!! Hours of fun riding in their Ute, tackling the ninja warrior course, wrestling in the ring, jumping on the high jump mat and singing on the concert stage!

Also, looks lit 🔥in our playroom!

Armrest Set
Danielle B.
So much fun!

I’ve had my eye on a play couch for a while. I was so excited when we received our order. We purchased the couch in “Navy” with the extra armrest set, plus the waterproof protectors. The kids have had endless fun building & moving the different shapes around the lounge room. As they get older & move away from imaginative play, it will still be handy to use for sleepovers & movie nights.
We love it!