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Top 6 Indoor Play Ideas for Lockdown

As the lockdown restrictions are re-introduced and then extended, parents (like you) have a tricky dilemma to face: how to keep the kids busy indoors. Added onto this the coldest Winter in 40 years, for many families, outdoor play is limited so it’s time to focus our attention on indoor activities that will keep little hands and wild imaginations occupied.

The good news? There’s stacks of ways to turn your living room into a destination for creative, open-ended play to keep the kids entertained (no matter how old they are). All it takes is some imagination and a handy list of the play activities to tackle indoors this lockdown.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

6 indoor activity ideas for kids

Looking for some indoor activity inspiration? Here is our pick of the top activities to keep your kids busy and entertained indoors.


1. Host an indoor treasure hunt

Peel the kids off the couch and pop the iPads away with a fun-filled indoor treasure hunt. All it takes is a few minutes for you to browse the house for the perfect hiding spots, write out a list of clues and set your kids to work.

This is a great energy-burning indoor activity that will keep the kids occupied for hours (depending on how hard to make your hunt). Plus, you can even break the family off into teams to add in a dash of friendly competition.


2. Create an at-home cinema

While your kids are used to streaming films or their favourite shows, this lockdown activity idea is all about recreating the magic of the cinema experience whilst we wait for theaters to re open.

That means setting the mood in the living room with a cosy, modular couch, plenty of blankets and even putting some popcorn in the microwave. Bring the whole family together (and keep phones out of the room) to share some quality indoor time.


3. Bring out the board games

Pulling out the board games is another perfect indoor activity for kids of all ages. Bring everyone together into the living room, choose a game and let the competition begin.

What makes board games such a winner is their ability to spark little imaginations. From problem solving to communication skills, these games encourage kids to overcome obstacles and think strategically to take out the top prize.  

4. Take centre stage with a talent show

Last, but not least, is one of our personal favourites: hosting a family talent show. This indoor activity is all about fostering creative, open-ended play between the whole family.

Give each family member an hour or so to prepare for their performance and dig through the cupboards to find props, costumes and accessories to bring their ideas to life.

5. Setup an indoor campsite

Bring the great outdoors indoors, and get all of the benefits of a camping trip without a mosquito or sore back in site. Pull out the sleeping bags, setup a tent, and spend the night having a campout. Use a basket and some paper to create a "fire" and gather the family around for campside scary stories or a singalong. The kids will get a serious kick from sleeping out of their beds, and while most of this is make-believe, we seriously encourage real marshmallows on sticks!

6. Inspire imaginative play with the Possum Play Couch

We’re a little biased, but we couldn’t leave our own Possum off this ultimate indoor activities list. And here’s why.

The Possum is the perfect indoor energy-burner that’s ready for rough and tumble play. With durable, stain-resistant covers (they can even be removed and thrown in the washing machine, too), The Possum is perfect to occupy indoor adventurers on those lockdown days 

Need some building inspiration? From bush campsites to gold medal ski jumps, here are a few ideas to get your kids building, And remember, their imagination is the limit!


So, there you have it. Keeping the kids entertained indoors is all about finding ways to encourage imaginative, open-ended play. With the right toys ready to go, you can easily turn your living room into an energy-burning indoor playground for kids of all ages.

Offering opportunities for unstructured, make-believe play helps foster emotional, social and physical development

Why The Possum is the perfect lockdown boredom buster for kids

We know that kids have endless energy to burn, which is why we built the Possum Play Couch to be the ultimate indoor adventure.

What makes The Possum different from regular kids toys is the way it fosters imaginative, open-ended play. It’s modular design transforms into whatever creations your kids dream up, from race cars to forts to cosy reading nooks.

There’s no rule book or instruction manual to follow. Instead, The Possum encourages unstructured, make-believe play that helps to foster creativity, aid the development of gross motor skills and even boost problem solving for little minds.

The thing we love most about The Possum's modular design? The options are only limited to your kid’s imagination.

3 reasons why The Possum is the lockdown lifesaver

1. The Possum encourages endless screen-free play

Struggling to pull your little ones away from the iPad or TV when the weekdays roll into the weekend, mornings into the night and every day is spent in the same space? The Possum offers infinite configurations, endless playtime possibilities and gets kids moving indoors. Every build can be different, every space can be new.


With 6 soft yet durable modular cushions to play with, The Possum gives your kids a creative outlet to burn energy and spark new ideas (all without leaving the room).


2. The Possum inspires teamwork

Foster collaboration between your kids during those indoor afternoons with The Possum.

Whether they bring their favourite storybook characters to life or tackle building the castle of their dreams together, The Possum boosts language and social skills for kids of all ages.

3. The Possum is perfect for all ages

Think The Possum is just for little ones? Think again. We’ve designed this modular play couch to grow with your family, with plush cushions that will stand the test of time (and transform into the perfect lounge couch for reading or watching films for older kids). Toddlers might use to to learn to stand and walk and primary school aged kids use it to read on, relax on and we’re even seeing it being used for home schooling this week.

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So much enjoyment

My kids have loved this couch. Brilliant fabric. Easy to clean.
We love the examples offered on the website to help create new and exciting creations.

Love it

So good, the kids are obsessed (their ages are 1 & 3 ☺️)

Absolutely love it!

My two daughters (2 + 7) absolutely love their new possum play couch. It gives them hours of entertainment. As a mum I love that the covers are washable, and they even dry relatively quickly which means it's never out of commission for too long. The only thing that could make it better is an instructional for how to get the covers back on so perfectly!

We all love it

We love our lounge. Mom dad and Bub. Bub and dad actually fight who is going to lay on it. It’s so comfy. It’s so good for our little Bub as she just wants to climb everything and this is safe way to do so. I can wait to see all the amazing things she makes as she grows older. I love it

New toy

For my accident prone kid it's perfect as a soft play area where they can't hurt themselves

So much fun!

The kids love this--even my big kid gets into the fun sometimes. It's been used as a couch, desk, bed and of course a fort. So far the fabric is holding up well (it's been about a month) despite enthusiastic kids and wet dogs.


My bub loves it, and even my husband sometimes just chills on it 😆

Cylinder Set
merrill b.
Possum play couch

Love the couch, fabric and colour is great. My grandchildren have so much fun with it

A Great Buy!

Bought this for the grandkids 5 and 7 they love making different cubbies out of it then it becomes a place to sit to watch tv will at some stage get some add ons very happy. Value for money and versatile enough to grow with the kids.

Moon Arch Set
Heather B.
Great for adults too

Light and easy to move around house. Comfortabke configurations for adults.

Possum play couch

This will be our second couch. My grandkids love it 😊

Great Lounge for the kids

The lounge is great for the toy room, the quality is amazing and looks great. It’s easy for my 4 year to move and comfortable to sit/lay on

Wish I bought it years ago!

Absolutely love it! Kids love it! Indestructible!!!

A perfect emotional regulator

My son has problems with regulating his emotions and turn taking during play. The possum play couches are a great means to assist him in focusing his energy on creating a set up of whatever appeases his imagination. This then ultimately calms down his nervous system and he is able to get on with his afternoon after a long school day. The quality of the couches themselves are amazing. Most importantly everyone can get involved, young and old and can be a source of play for hours and eliminates screen time which is a bonus. Highly recommend and the quick shipping is a score.

Armrest Set
Heather B.
Love it! Versatile, easy to move and comfortable

Bought it after finding our granddaughter's couch so comfortable. We create mobile couches to read in the sun or watch TV. Also great for balance exercises.

Possum play couch

Amazing!!! My grandchildren love it.

Kids love it

My kids both adore this couch. The 3yo loves doing obstacle courses with the pieces while the the 1yo just loves sitting on something the right height for him.
We replaced our regular couch with this and while it's not the most comfortable for my husband and I to lounge on, it was so worth it to see the kids mucking about with it.


Delivery was fast , awesome couch, my 9 month old baby loves it . I love it too , so comfortable to sit in too while I watch baby play !
Super easy to clean as well. Can’t wait to buy more accessories

Best Buy!

The kids love it! So much fun and they love setting it up in different combinations. Ideal for a rainy day too!


I was worried that my 12 month old wouldn’t use it for some time, but boy was I wrong. We create something different each day and she climbs it all day long! I can see this being something that can be used at all ages.

True Possum magic!

Loving the Possum play couch! They look so good (fabric and colours are high quality), are super comfortable and the kids have a blast. My kids were truly stocked when we received them! The first morning after we got them they played for over 1hr on their own, couldn't even hear them! They always have a blast with their little friends when they are over.

The team at Possum Play is also fantastic! There was a little mistake on the colour delivered with one of our orders and this was handled with great care and customer service. Thank you!

Armrest Set
Bronte W.

So great. Easy to clean. Accidentally sent the wrong colour. Fixed immediately and sent out, no dramas.

The Possum Play Couch (with Circle Set)

An instant hit with my 3 year old

My 3yo daughter loved the possum play couch the second it was out of the box. Since then she plays with it daily, making obstacle courses for her and her dolls - it’s the best for expending all her toddler energy on indoor days.

Fantastic Product

Prompt mail-out, easy set-up, terrific and fun product. Worth the money.