Why Imaginative Play Is So Important For Your Kids

Photo: Unicorn Tea-Party Anyone?

Kids have the biggest imaginations. An unused cardboard box can become a race car, spaceship or even a jungle raft. And giving kids the space and tools to dream up new ideas has big benefits for their growth and development, too.

From fostering crucial motor skills to learning how to communicate with others, imaginative play is the secret ingredient to happy, healthy kids. It’s also a stack of fun for kids of all ages as well.

So, let’s dive into the benefits of imaginative play for your little ones and show you how to use The Possum Play Couch to bring infinite, imaginative ideas to life.

The importance of imaginative play for kids of all ages

Playing dress ups and setting up forts isn’t just a recipe for hours of entertainment for the kids. Offering opportunities for unstructured, make-believe play helps foster emotional, social and physical development, too.


Here are just some of the reasons to encourage imaginative play with your kids:


  • Fosters creativity: dreaming up new ideas and transforming ordinary objects into spaces for play, adventure and fun is key to building budding creative minds. For example, acting out imaginary scenes builds storytelling skills and enhances creative thinking among little minds.
  • Aids physical development: learning how to jump, grasp, and handle new objects through imaginative plays helps to build hand-eye coordination and refine a range of important gross motor skills. Plus, research shows unstructured play builds strength, muscle control and coordination for growing kids.


  • Develops language and social skills: impersonating their favourite movie characters and acting out imaginary scenes helps kids master new words, communicate appropriately and share their big ideas with other kids.

  • Boosts problem solving skills: from finding the right materials for their castle to creating the perfect princess costume, kids develop essential problem-solving skills through imaginative play (that they’ll go on to use for the rest of their lives).

  • Teaches positive behaviour: learning how to read social cues and developing a sense of empathy for others helps little ones to express themselves and learn how to compromise and negotiate with their friends, too.


Clearly, imaginative play has a stack of big benefits for kids and sets them up with crucial skills they’ll continue to use and develop as they grow.

Offering opportunities for unstructured, make-believe play helps foster emotional, social and physical development

Photo: All aboard the rocket ship, we're about to take off!

How to spark moments of imaginative play

At every age, there are different ways to create and inspire imaginative play for kids. So, let’s look at the different stages of play and how to get the most out of unstructured play along the way.

Imaginative play for babies

In the first months after birth, play is a powerful way to foster developmental growth. It can start as simply as responding to baby’s smiles with positive reinforcement and showing them bright, interesting objects that they can touch and experience for the first time. The familar game of peek-a-boo helps foster imagination for your little ones as they start to imagine and anticipate what's hiding doing behind your hands.

Even placing your bub in different positions on a soft yet supportive couch allows them to see and experience the world from different angles and gets them familiar with new sensations.As your baby gets more mobile and starts to crawl and move about, you can configure cushions, blankets and other objects into obstacle courses that they can problem solve how to navigate around. They love imagining who or what might be hiding just around the corner or just out of view, so make sure to place toys and favourite objects behind cushions and just out of reach.


Imaginative play for toddlers

With more motor skills under their belt, toddlers can begin to explore the world around them through unstructured play.

Give your kids access to toys that are 'open-ended', meaning that they can be played with in multiple and varied says, depending on your child's input , and help them to engage in make-believe play (whether that’s simply pretending to drink out of an empty cup or baking an imaginary cake for their pop-up cake stall). Building blocks, magnetic tiles, or a play couch, are great examples of open ended toys that provide the perfect canvas to spur on little imaginations.

Regularly reading together in a cosy reading nook will also help your little ones discover stories and characters to inspire their imaginative play.

Imaginative play for young children

Making time for imaginative play is key at this stage as well as engaging with your kids and asking them questions about stories, plays or books you’ve read together.

Encourage your kids to sing, dance and dress up as their favourite characters to act out imaginary scenes or roles. Plus, get their friends involved and give them the chance to dream up new scenarios together.

To help encourage this kind of play, give them a safe environment to learn new skills and movements such as building, reaching and rolling indoors on a durable supportive surface. This kind of play is also a fantastic way to tire out kids with seemingly endless energy!

The thing we love most about The Possum's modular design? The options are only limited to your kid’s imagination.

How The Possum Play Couch inspires open-ended imaginative play

As kids, we always wished we had the tools to build the forts, castles and racing cars of our dreams. So, we created The Possum Play Couch to offer endless possibilities and configurations for hours of imaginative play.

Instead of destroying the family couch or tearing into the linen cupboard, The Possum’s modular kids play couch gives little minds the materials to bring their make-believe scenarios to life.

Each Possum Play Couch comes with six light-weight yet durable pieces (each with a machine washable cover) that can be lifted overhead and placed into whatever designs your kids dream up. And instead of spending hours in front of the screen, your kids will get lost in their wild ideas and imaginative adventures.

Need some inspiration? Here are just a few of our favourite Possum builds to spark imaginative play:

  • Create a cosy Aladdin’s Cave
  • Build a bulldozer
  • Recreate the Eiffel Tower
  • Tear it up in a Formula 1 Racing Car
  • Set up a farmer’s market stall
  • Design a hidden fort or reading nook


The thing we love most about The Possum's modular design? The options are only limited to your kid’s imagination. And as they grow up, The Possum grows with them to become a comfortable movie night seat or spot to lounge while flicking through their favourite read.

Photo: Ready to cruise through the city streets in my blue convertible

How we designed The Possum to bring out the best in play

Speaking of endless options, we poured our heart and soul into creating the colour palette of our dreams when designing The Possum Play Couch. With seven family and kid-friendly colours to choose from, we wanted to ensure each modern shade would shine in living rooms across Australia.

In fact, we worked with our customers to tweak and test each colour to find the ultimate shades to inspire imaginative play.

From our deep, dark Forest green to our warm, nutty Peanut shade, each colour is handpicked to provide the perfect canvas for endless everyday play.

When it comes to giving your kids the best start in life, imaginative play needs to be at the top of your agenda. And if you’re searching for the most versatile toy since the cardboard box, The Possum Play Couch is your answer. Whether your Possum transforms into a car, shopfront or rocket ship, The Possum gives your kids infinite hours of open-ended, brain-expanding, indoor energy-burning fun.

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Based on 1314 reviews
Armrest Set

amazing design, my son loves it, is always jumping around it, trying to move it ( he's 15months)

Thick Base Add-On
Kylie W.
Comfortable and fun play couch

The kids love this, its super versatile, sturdy and comfortable. Definitely recommend for active, creative play. I think this will grow with the kids and get loads of use.

Beautiful colour. My baby loves crawling and climbing on the couch every day.

So versatile and good quality

I hadn't appreciated just how good the Possum Play Couch would be. My daughter uses it every day - building dens, jumping on it, making obstacle courses, and so on - plus it doubles up as extra seating in our living room for guests, and is super comfy used as a bed! We've used it for 'movie nights' downstairs many times now. We're so pleased we invested in a Possum Play Couch - such good quality and copes with everything we throw at it. I think even as my daughter gets older she will get a lot of use out of it.

The perfect gift!

The Possum Play couch was a Christmas gift to my grandchildren, aged three and a half, and 20 months. They were thrilled with it, and use it daily. Some days they'll build with it, or use it to tumble on. Others times they'll recline across it sharing a book, or even fall asleep on its cushions. The colour choice is excellent, too. All in all, it was money well invested - it invites creative and active play, which can change as they grow.


I bought this as a Christmas present to my 18 month old and 3 year old. It’s a great feeling to say they have used it daily and used their imagination on what is was (ramps for a monster truck course, cubby house, slumber parties with cousins, wrestling mat, the list goes on!).
To be honest from a parent side of things I have nothing but positive comments, thank you!

Great product

I bought this for my bestfriends 6month old for Christmas and he absolutely loves it as do the parents. Been doing tummy time on it even rolled over. Mum loves it also as it’s comfortable and easy place to bottle feed her bubba and lay down together. Cant wait for when he’s older and can start playing with it properly.

Love it!

The Possum Play Couch was a Christmas present for our 18 month old granddaughter and we couldn't be happier.

In the short time we’ve had it she’s climbed, slid, hidden, driven, sat, laid, jumped, rolled, napped and enjoyed so many different creations. It’s clear it will grow with her and keep her entertained for years to come.

It’s also made sitting on the floor and playing a much more enjoyable experience for us and is so comfortable it’s regularly used as additional seating by the adults and cats.

Definitely recommend!

Best buy can’t rave about this enough

Armrest Set


Brings fun

I bought one for my 1.5 year old and one for my nieces (oldest is 3.5). All of them are enjoying the couches and find different things to do with them. Good way to get out some energy before bed - my son just likes jumping off it.

The Possum Play Couch (with Circle Set)


The kids truly love it hours of fun and super comfy

Endless fun! Make us so happy - and it's so comfortable, soft but firm.
Very happy with purchase and quick delivery.
Thank you

Amazing play couch

My 4 and 2 year olds love there new play couch, it's been a car, a stage, a den, a rocket and somewhere to chill and watch a film. The extra arm bits are always being used a balance beams.

We LOVE it!

The kids love the versatility of being able to create all kinds of set ups and it keeps them busy for hours on end!

Kids LOVE it

This couch is the centre of my children’s play. 4 yo and 18 month old love it. So versatile and always the go to when they’re playing together. Soft, great quality.

Favorite Christmas present

My grandchildren love their Possum Play Couch. It was the most played-with Christmas gift. Such a great product. Highly recommend.

The Possum Mini
Crystal G.
Single Couch

Amazing quality, we bought for our grandbaby and she loves it! I think it will last a very long time. We will be adding the additonal pieces in the very near future.

Amazing Customer Service

We ordered a play couch for a Christmas present, finding an issue with the order at 5pm on Christmas Eve, we still received a beautiful reply Christmas Eve and the most amazing follow up service at the busiest time of the year! We couldn’t have been more grateful. Kids also love their couch and use it daily… ♥️

No regrets!

We love our possum play couch! The kids have been obsessed with it since Christmas! Easy to deal with and great customer service! You won’t be disappointed!

Perfect Christmas present

This was the perfect gift for Christmas as its kept the kids entertained for hours over the holidays. They’re constantly finding new creations to build, the possibilities are endless.

Great gifts 🎁

Bought the possum play couch for my two grandkids age 2 and 6 as a Christmas present 🎁… they love it very much and been using almost daily…. Great item for young kids…

Kids love it!

Great colour and kids love building different things. Wonderful customer service as well!